Promote academic excellence and provide direction in career planning. ( Each child is “Paired” with a tutor if needed. )


Provide one-on-one mentoring relationships for children and youth ages 6-18 from primarily single-parent households.

College Bound

We match him/her with a sponsor who commits to investing into the life of a child with a minimum of $25 per month. This allows children to have more choices after High School.

Critical Living

Weekly classes that teach essential laws that promote successful living skills. Children are required to attend weekly meetings in which 15 seperate courses will be taught.

Vocational / Cultural

Several times a year we strive to provide avenues of learned skills toward a professional career. We do this by taking field trips to pique interest and passion in selected professions.


We’ll take care of your child as it was our own.


To learn and enjoy everyone


A free meal offer for every tutoring kids.


A clean and safe place for children to be.

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A few words about us

We serve the community by assisting children between the ages of 6-18 years old in becoming productive members of society by instilling positive Spiritual, Cultural, Educational, Vocational and Social values.

You save 1 child…

You save a whole generation…

We are changing the next generation one child at a time.

No better place to get help than here.

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Mission Statement

We offer our children the following essentials:
~ Self Confidence & Self Control
~Initiative & Leadership
~Enthusiasm & Accurate thinking
~Concentration & Focus
~Personality & Imagination
~Co-operation & Tolerance
~Habit of doing more than paid for
~and Profiting by Failure